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Date: January 2020
Client: ECM Partners
Creating a modern, feel-good workplace
The office space of today
Ljubljana, Slovenia
3700 sq/ft
40 plants, 3000EUR in circular economy savings
18 weeks
Strategy, Design, Delivery
Our latest project has been completed, and the client has been relocated into the space.
We like to think that we have played a small part in their success by providing a platform for their talented staff to work in the most productive and profitable way.
The finance sector doesn’t want slides and swings in their office; however, they want to provide their staff with a great workplace, a space that gives their clients confidence in the company’s ability to handle big financial decisions.
The space we have created uses top-notch materials with a simple and elegant design. It exudes a sense of confidence, yet allows its users to feel relaxed. The vibe is very relaxing and there is beautiful greenery everywhere, even on the ceilings. That, coupled with resting spaces, collaboration areas, a kitchen and shower area, alongside adjustable desks with excellent quality ergonomic chairs, allow employees to feel great in their environment.

Simplifying workplace expansion

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Happy to announce!
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We are delighted and proud to announce that, after being chosen as one of the top 15 projects across the globe to be in the running for the prestigious Futureproof awards, we have come out on top, as the #1 ranked project for the traditional industries »Smartest Building 2021 Cornelis Drebbel Award« (Inventor and Innovation, how is your building innovating)! 🏆
We want to thank everyone who chipped in and participated in the Dragons Dream project. It's a huge honour to be chosen as the victor, when all the other entries were also at the highest possible level and could all have conceivably won in their own right.
This award is just one of the many confirmations that we, at Camac Space, can compete with the very best in the world and create top-notch unique and tailored solutions for any of our clients.
Now bring on the next project! ☺️