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Issued: February 2022
Workplace Ecology
When designing and building offices it is important to plan for the user. It is necessary to build a unique ecosystem where individuals have interactions with each other and with the environment.
Issued: January 2022
Design & Build
The Design & Build approach allows planning and construction under a single contract, minimizing risk and cost for the investor.
Issued: November 2021
WELL Standard
The health and well-being of office users has recently gained on importance. The WELL standard focuses precisely on users and how to improve their experience.
Issued: August 2021
Sustainable Office
In the last year, the attitude of investors and the entire real estate industry towards sustainable development has changed significantly. Check out how this is reflected in the workplaces.
Issued: August 2021
Smart Office
Smart offices reduce mundane tasks, facilitate communication, and create more productive environment. All this is possible using data and technology in the premises.
Issued: August 2021
Remote First
Investing in communication tools enables companies to choose hybrid work model, where they can choose remote first approach. You can click to find out, what else is important for successful remote first work model.
Issued: July 2021
Office First
Companies are increasingly opting for hybrid work. The priority can be either on working from an office or some third location. When choosing Office First model, the primary location for majority of employees is still the workplace.
Issued: July 2021
Audio visual
Did you know that on average, we lose 22 minutes per day because of technology problems? In a year, that means that company loses 2 full weeks per employee. Click to find out more about our solutions!
Issued: July 2021
Hybrid and flexible
We’ve prepared a brochure on the topic of Hybrid and Flexible work in the past, however we’ve decided to create another one. In modern time, it is increasingly more important for companies to be agile.
Issued: September 2020
Lighting in the office
Learn why appropriate lighting is so important and the three steps for saving energy.
Issued: July 2020
CAMAC solutions for restrictions of COVID-19
Tips for contactless experience that helps you integrate access control and health monitoring without any risk of transmission.
Issued: October 2020
How to Design a post – pandemic workplace
All you need to know about hybrid working, home office set up and the future of office spaces.
Issued: September 2020
How to improve workplace well-being
Well-being can sound quite abstract to some employers, hence a booklet about its dimensions and how to implement it in the workplace.
Issued: September 2020
Ventilation and air quality in Office
Due to covid-19 ventilation has become a focal point. Learn why and how to achieve great air quality.
Issued: October 2020
Office space in the times of COVID-19 pandemic
Simple rules on how to reorganise your workplace without massive financial repercussions and with great impact.
Issued: September 2020
How did covid-19 affect our workforce
Sudden changes affects on mental health and differences between generations.
Issued: June 2020
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Happy to announce!
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We are delighted and proud to announce that, after being chosen as one of the top 15 projects across the globe to be in the running for the prestigious Futureproof awards, we have come out on top, as the #1 ranked project for the traditional industries »Smartest Building 2021 Cornelis Drebbel Award« (Inventor and Innovation, how is your building innovating)! 🏆
We want to thank everyone who chipped in and participated in the Dragons Dream project. It's a huge honour to be chosen as the victor, when all the other entries were also at the highest possible level and could all have conceivably won in their own right.
This award is just one of the many confirmations that we, at Camac Space, can compete with the very best in the world and create top-notch unique and tailored solutions for any of our clients.
Now bring on the next project! ☺️